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Who, What & Why?

The average underdog, but ofcourse one who knows that I can definitely take some amazing photographs!

Being part of a working middle class family, photography was always notorious for being one of the most expensive hobbies. That being said, the family camera would always be tucked away until it would magically appear on important occasions.

However, as times changed, photography slowly moved into the digital world, offering a whole new world of possibilities at our fingertips. As time passed by, I experimented on friends and family, making them turn left, right and center.

And here we are… and as you can see for yourself, this is my world of photography.

I am grateful to every person who has taught me and helped me better my skills and to all those who have inspired me to make more beautiful and meaningful content. Even to the people who taught me very important lessons on whom to trust and not , I am grateful.

Yes I do have my flaws, but understandably you will see that I do not compromise with quality. My clients are my priority, and their satisfaction is key to it.

I have just one thing on my mind - years down the lane, every photo on your wall taken by me, should make you feel good, and make you feel elated every time you look at them. 

So if you are in Edmonton or Calgary, and looking for a photographer in any of the categories that you see on this page you definitely know whom to get in touch with ;)


Yours Truly…

Subodh Madhavan

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